Looking back my time with theatre started in the back of a car as a young boy with the Original London Cast of Les Miserables CD spinning away for the hundredth time so my mom could concentrate on driving. At the time I was very much unaware of Musicals, Plays or even how to pronounce Les Miserables. Luckily much has changed since then and as the man that I am today I carry a lot of the skills that allow me to critique respectively, honestly and fairly.

My work in theatre began in 2013 at the Miskin Theatre on a production called The Beano where as the only brass player in my music course I was drafted in as a musician, composer and leader for the band. I can honestly say that I have never worked harder on any project still to this day in my life, I was tired, stressed, overloaded with work that needed to be done and throughout most of the production working off gut reactions as it was the only way to survive. Not the best experience you might think but I also met some amazing technicians, actors, directors and musicians that gave me the inspiration to put everything I had in to get the job done and looking back without that support, belief and power in community in theatre I wouldn’t of caught the bug to want more. If Musicologists are reading this The Beano is an important show on two counts for me 1) This was my first theatre production and sent me down the rabbit hole for more 2) This was the first time the title composer was something I needed to possess meaning The Beano was the spark that started my composition career.

Two years later in 2015 my time at Miskin Theatre came to an end and in those two years I worked on five productions learning and taking something different from each of them. Part of these lessons allowed me to create a title I used to encompass all the different aspects of my job; the theatre musician. A musician, a composer and a director were the three cornerstones of this title and although only one of those cornerstones is a title I use today the lessons from my time at Miskin still hold water in how I choose to live my life as a composer, critic and more importantly a man.

Through my experience in theatre and as a composer today I understand more than most the care and love that needs to go into a piece of art for it to thrive and the heart that must be given for it to breathe and live. This is why I allow myself to use the title critic, I have been on the other side of the curtain placing my heart into a production which is why I show Theatre all the compassion and respect it requires and deserves. This means I will critique the entire scale of Theatre from the good, the bad and the ugly all in exactly the same manner, with honesty and accountability.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work.
Lee Richardson


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