Review: The Comedy About A Bank Robbery Would you like a mature cheddar or a full stilton sir?

Reviewed on 21st May 2017

A trilogy is always a hard trick to pull off and is very easy for the creators to stray from the path and go wrong, Mischief theatre however have proved that things going wrong can be extremely popular with their two previous productions The Plat That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Therefore is The Comedy About A Bank Robbery walking the plank or has the production made a clean getaway with the key to success safely in their hand? My vote goes to the latter.


The beginning of the production is the perfect ice breaker for the audience to introduce the production’s tone, style and comedy that is to come, the tone and style are quite similar with the tone being reminiscent of films such as The Naked Gun or Police Academy with the style being what Henry Lewis, a writer for the production describes as a 1950s American Caper which is wonderfully suited for the story. The content of the story won’t surprise anyone to know is about a bank robbery however what is surprising and superbly charming is that the story feels completely natural to the comedy that the productions is filled to the brim with which is smart, well paced and hilariously funny.


Comedy is truly very hard to get right and when you expect to laugh that challenge becomes even harder which makes the achievement for The Comedy About a Bank Robbery much more impressive with a production full of comedy and only two moments that feel overused of under delivering in the punchline. This achievement speaks volumes to the talent and approach of the writers and cast of Mischief Theatre that embrace all the elements of community theatre to make the best product they can which really shines through. This sense of community and approach to the production sees all members of the cast have many funny moments which means no one cast member stands out, this is not a complaint as all members of the cast are equally fabulous to watch.


The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is equally as impressive in the technical sense with particular attention to the set designed by David Farley which in the second act shines through in the heist itself traveling through air conditioning vents and traveling over the bank’s office. These scenes stand out as very well thought out and conceived ideas that are executed extremely well and wonderful to watch. Music is another area the production shines bright with the 1950s America allowing for some classic rock n roll styled music by Jon Fiber from Jolly Good Tunes who delivers on his company’s name that the cast are wonderful at delivering at perfect pitch in harmonies that the cast make look too easy with the depth of harmony that is going on, there are however a few moments within the production where the music or the singer are overpowering in the sound design which is always disappointing to feel.


Overall The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is a wonderful production to watch and enjoy and delivers in spades moments that are wickedly funny yet the production is better than just a comedy show. The story is well thought out, the music is great, the technical elements are impressive and the comedy is integrated perfectly into all these elements that make the show especially charming that audiences will laugh in hysterics at and fall in love with the charm Mischief theatre are great at churning up. To me The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is a wonderfully smart and funny great big piece of cheese and I love it.


Star Rating: 4/5


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